As you may have noticed if you have spent some time on my website, I have a special affinity for zombies.  Call them what you will: the living dead, reanimated corpses, revenants, so forth and so on…I love ’em!

I run a zombie-centric review website called “The G.O.R.E. Score.”  I watch zombie movies, read zombie books, write zombie stories, and play zombie video games fairly regularly, so I created this site, really, just to have somewhere to express my thoughts on all the fun undead — fundead, anyone? anyone? okay — stuff I come into contact with daily. The site has become fairly popular fairly quickly, so much so that “The G.O.R.E. Score, Vol. 1” will be in bookstores by Summer 2010, collecting the first 50-plus reviews from the website, plus some reviews written exclusively for the book.

When I first created The G.O.R.E. Score, one of my primary focuses was to get back into writing regularly, and I quickly decided that I wanted to share my love of zombie movies, books, etc., with everyone on this site as well, as I know so many of us have seen so many different zombie films and read different zombie novels or comics, the good, the bad, and the ugly!  So, I came up with a system that I hope will allow anyone who reads my reviews to easily discover what a reviewed item does better/worse/differently than other zombie films. This system rates the item on four distinct levels, allowing readers who are seeking to find/avoid particular details of zombie-centric stuff to easily identify the specific area they want to know about.  Feel free to click the link below to wander on over to the site and let me know what you think!

Click here to visit www.TheGOREScore.com!


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