Murder-Mystery Shows Available For Performance

At the heart of everything I write, I try to create from experience.  In writing murder-mystery shows, I draw on my knowledge and background as not only a trained improv actor who has performed in many of these types of shows myself, but also from my extensive knowledge of pop culture and effective narrative flow.

The first murder-mystery show I ever wrote, Doctor Whom and the Trek Wars, was first performed in early 2017 by a murder-mystery company in Indianapolis, IN.  To this day, the troupe owner reports to me that his guests routinely ask when this show will be coming back!  Doctor Whom also had the distinction of being performed as a “Main Stage event” at PopCon, a large pop-culture convention that routinely draws thousands of fans in its operation across multiple cities and dates yearly.  Please see below for photos from both of these performances.

(There are only a few pictures from the PopCon performance, as the photographer told me afterwards: “I didn’t take too many photos – I got caught up in the story and laughing at the show!” High praise indeed.)

I currently have eight different shows ready to be performed, and they all feature a wide variety of themes, backgrounds, and of course – jokes!  The shows are designed to be “all-ages fun” and, similar to many “kid’s movies” that come out these days, the shows feature jokes that work on multiple levels, so that both young and old will find much to enjoy as they watch and participate in the experience.

Whether you are looking for a new show for a troupe to perform for several months, a one-time performance for a corporate/social event, or anything in between, please contact me directly for further information on any of these shows or if you would like to discuss the option of my creating a completely custom show or other piece for you.  I love to talk with new people and explore options on how we might be able to work together – I’m looking forward to talking with you soon!