Freelance & Custom Writing Availability

Need something written? Odds are, I can get it done for you.

For the last 10+ years, I’ve taken my lifelong passion for writing and turned it into a career where I’ve been honored to create a wide variety of content of all shapes and sizes about a sizable variety of topics.

Whether it’s the more conversational-style blog format, technical writing, how-to articles, all the way up to writing my own novel-length fiction and nonfiction works, I’ve demonstrated the ability to effectively work with clients and companies in creating it all.

On-Demand/Freelance Work

As my schedule dictates, I’m available for freelance writing projects. Whether it’s ongoing assignments such as writing for a news site or other media outlet or a one-time need, please do contact me to discuss options! Some of my ongoing freelance work can be read and reviewed via the links to several news/entertainment media sites below.

Author Portfolio –
Author Portfolio –
Author Portfolio –

I have also created professional blog articles for a multitude of different topics and companies, such as:

  • McKinney Tech Solutions (medical billing)
  • Russell Media (instructional marketing)
  • Thomas Caterers of Distinction (high-end catering)
  • The Mill Top (social-event venue)
  • Indy PopCon (pop-culture entertainment convention)

Professional Editing

I’m humbled to have been chosen by a wide variety of individuals and companies to professionally edit their work for publication. Some examples of my editing work are included below.

Novel-Length Fiction & Non-Fiction; Stories

Ever since writing my very first “real” work of fiction, “The Race Against Time,” way back in Sixth Grade, I’ve had a passion for creating both fictional worlds and non-fiction essays that I hope make readers think, question, wonder, and smile.

I’m beyond proud that one of my works, The G.O.R.E. Score: A Review Guide to All Things Zombie, Vol. 1, has been an 8-time Amazon #1 best-seller on their Kindle Pop Culture list.

I have also written 8 interactive “murder-mystery” style of scripts for stage shows in the dinner-theater format – click here to learn more about these shows.

I’ve had both fiction short-stories and non-fiction works appear in a variety of anthology novels, collected works, critical collections, and more. To get an idea of a much more complete list of my works, please visit my Author page on Amazon and/or my Author page on Goodreads.