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Hi everyone!  Just a quick update this week, as I’ve let yet another busy week fly by without finding the time to sit down and seriously commit to pounding out a long, semi-meaningful blog.

In any case, things are going well, even if they are very busy.  The new horror and sci-fi review site, The G.A.S.P. Factor (found online at launched last week and is already seeing excellent traffic coming through!  I’m truly excited to be working with this talented team of authors as their editor, and I’m looking forward to this project continuing to grow and become more and more successful as time goes on.  If we stay with our targeted timelines for submitting reviews and posting them on the site, by January or February of 2012 we should have enough to make a very large first volume in a book series collecting the reviews!  We’ll hope to put over 100 reviews in each book, so the reader will definitely be getting their money’s worth!

The G.O.R.E. Score, my first review site, is still going strong, and it’s amazing to me every day that I’ve been able to build this type of site and following from scratch.  We get tons of hits every day, which is awesome, and the first two books collecting the first and second 50-odd reviews are already out!  The third volume in that series will most likely be “hitting the shelves” around the same time as Vol. 1 of The G.A.S.P. Factor, which is going to keep me a very busy little boy this coming Fall and Winter!  But busy in a good way, definitely.

Like I said, just a few quick little updates for you, and now I’m back to work writing!  Always writing.  Until next, I remain your humble servant.  Peace out!


“May-berry” is coming!

Howdy folks! Another busy week in the bank, but I wanted to take a moment here on this holiday to, first and foremost, say Happy Easter to everyone out there, and also give you all a brief update on what’s been keeping me occupied as of late. So let’s get right to it, eh?

Jonathan MaberryThe G.O.R.E. Score is gearing up for another special event next month, and one that I’m really excited about. During the month of May, I’ll only be reviewing items written by NY-Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry! Jonathan is an incredibly talented writer, and he’s infinitely personable and always willing to connect with his fans directly, as evidenced by his many hours spent posting and replying to messages on Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Jonathan has written fiction and non-fiction novels, as well as been a featured writer on many zombie (and non-zombie)-centric comic books, so May will still give everyone a good dose of different media types, even though they’ll all be written by the same author.

As a special treat for everyone, Jonathan has graciously agreed to wrap up “May-berry” by being The G.O.R.E. Score’s first-ever guest reviewer! Although we’re keeping the finer details under wraps until we actually post the review at the end of next month, suffice it to say Jonathan will be wowing you not only with his writing skills but with his knowledge of zombies as well. It’s easily an event you won’t want to miss!

In addition to May featuring Jonathan, who was my “Award-Winning Author” counterpart in this year’s Dead Letter Awards (he won the Shambler award, the lifetime achievement award for excellence in the zombie community, and I won the Fresh Meat award for best newcomer to the genre), May is also the final month for the Great G.O.R.E. Giveaway! We’re giving away TONS of zombie books, movies, and more, including the Grand Prize of a brand-new Nook eReader! There’s no purchase necessary to enter and you can get multiple entries! To learn more about the competition and enter to win, click here to visit the “Win Stuff” page on The G.O.R.E. Score site.

May’s going to be a great month at The G.O.R.E. Score! I hope to see you all there!

Call for submissions: new anthology now open!

Anyone who is familiar with Ed Wood’s “classic” 1959 film Plan 9 from Outer Space knows that the sometimes-nefarious aliens and their ninth attempt to destroy humanity didn’t quite work out.  But what we don’t know is this: what were the first eight Plans?  When did they happen?  What did they entail?  How and why did they all fail?

This brand-new anthology will seek to answer those questions.  With Wood’s original film being a public-domain title and a “serious” remake of the movie currently in production, the time is right for the world to know what happened on those fateful days, months, and years leading up to the events shown in the original Plan 9.

WHAT IT IS: Before Plan 9: Plans 1-8 from Outer Space will take place within the continuity of the universe originally established by Ed Wood’s 1959 film Plan 9 from Outer Space.  It will contain eight different stories, each tale detailing one of the 8 plans attempted and failed by the aliens.  It will also contain a Prologue and an Epilogue, written by me, to not only help bind the stories together but to also tie the stories in to the original film.

WHAT WE WANT: A unique story set in any point in history, from the beginning of time up through 1959, that focuses on and describes one and only one of the eight Plans.  This is important to note; stories that do not meet this very important requirement will not be considered for inclusion.  So, as an example, if you have a story in mind that tells the tale of the first two Plans, your story will not work; while you can write about other plot points and story lines, the main focus of your tale should be one plan only.

WHAT YOU GET: Each of the eight authors selected to have their stories included in the book will receive a one-time payment of $50.00 and one free author’s copy of the book upon its release.


  • Stories can be written from a variety of standpoints (the aliens, human civilians/military, etc.) and may include elements of one or more genres (horror, science fiction, humor, etc.).
  • Word count must firmly fall between 7,000-10,000 words; stories that are longer or shorter than this set guideline will be returned to the author unread.
  • It is YOUR CHOICE if you decide to write your Plan as one that could be any of the eight Plans OR if you reference the Plan you are writing about as a specifically-numbered plan.  That is to say, if you are dead-set that the story you are creating is about the very first plan, Plan 1, that is fine; just know that in doing so, you will not only be up against all stories written as a non-numbered Plan but are also directly competing with all other stories submitted that were specifically written as Plan 1.
  • IMPORTANT: Please submit your story as a Word Document (.doc) or an RTF file (.rtf).  DO NOT use fancy fonts anywhere in the document; use a general font such as Arial, Times New Roman, or other “normal” font.  Please double-space, number your pages, and put the following information at the top of the first page: your name, your e-mail address, your phone number, story word count, and story title if you have one (titles may or may not be used in the final version of the book).  If your story was written to be a specific Plan number, please include that information as well.

The DEADLINE for submissions for this anthology is 11:59pm EST on Thursday, September 15, 2011.

NO MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS and NO REPRINTS will be considered for this anthology.  Since the nature of these stories is so specialized, we are seeking your one best, unique tale; take as much time as you need before the deadline to make your story the absolute best that it can be.

     Plan 9 from Outer Space is a public-domain movie and as such is available for free and legal download from a variety of sites, and it is also available on DVD.  I HIGHLY encourage anyone who is planning on submitting a story to watch the original film before you begin writing, in order to re-familiarize yourself with the storyline and details that Ed Wood has established for this universe, in addition to fully understanding why the aliens are attacking the humans (the reason is given towards the end of the film).

Send all submissions to  Please make the body of your e-mail a brief cover letter, outlining any previous works or publications you wish me to be aware of.  I will send an e-mail confirming receipt of story, but will not be offering any acceptances or rejections until after the submission deadline has passed.

Any further questions you may have surrounding the nature or specifics of this project, feel free to send them to me at the e-mail address above or post them on this thread, as I will be checking back often.  Thank you, and I look forward to reading your creations!

–Tony Schaab

Write for The G.A.S.P. Factor!

Attention writers of all ages and status!

 I’m Tony Schaab, creator of the award-winning review site, and I’m embarking on a brand-new review project set to launch soon.  Unlike The G.O.R.E. Score, of which I am the sole author and reviewer, for this new project I’m searching for a talented team of a select few authors to join in routinely reviewing general-horror and science-fiction cinema!

The new project is called The G.A.S.P. Factor, and will be located online at  Much like The G.O.R.E. Score, The G.A.S.P. Factor will provide readers with a detailed review, called Factor Files, centered around four distinct categories.  The intent is that the reviews will be less centered on the reviewer’s opinion alone and moreso on the breakdown of the four different sections, leading to a professional and detailed review that will help set The G.A.S.P. Factor apart from other review sites.

What does this mean for you as a writer and potential Factor File staff member?  Not only will you be a part of a ground-breaking new site that is based on a review system with a proven history of success, you will also gain a new avenue for publication!  The G.O.R.E. Score is not only an award-winning website, but the reviews featured on the site have been packaged into a best-selling book series.  “The G.O.R.E. Score: A Review Guide to All Things Zombie, Vol. 1” has been as high as #18 on Amazon’s Reviews and Guides list, and Volume 2 in the series recently completely sold out its initial preview printing for the HorrorHound convention in Indianapolis.  In this same vein, The G.A.S.P. Factor will be printed as a companion book series and is expected to see much of the same success that its sister series, The G.O.R.E. Score, has.

In addition to all this, there will be a revenue-sharing option built into the contract for any writers brought on to The G.A.S.P. Factor project, so not only will you be a part of an amazing new review site, you will also be a published author with the opportunity to earn additional income based on the book’s success!

I’ll be asking only a select few authors to join me on this endeavor.  To inquire about how you can submit a written audition piece to be considered as one of the new G.A.S.P. Factor staff writers, send an inquiry e-mail to me at, and I will respond with specifics regarding your next step.  This is a first-offered, first-served opportunity; I am looking to put the writing staff in place as soon as I have found the few authors whose submissions are approved and have signed their contracts, so DON’T DELAY!  E-mail me today and see if you’ve got what it takes to write for The G.A.S.P. Factor!  I look forward to hearing from you.

HorrorHound Indianapolis!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to make a quick entry tonight, at the end of a looong by great weekend.

This weekend was the big HorrorHound convention here in Indianapolis, the “biggest in the Midwest” as proclaimed by the HH folks. Although this was my first horror convention and don’t have anything to compare it to, I’d have to say that the claim is probably well-founded, because there were TONS of people there all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! The weekend was an absolute blast from start to finish.

It was also an amazingly-great commercial success for me. I went equipped with many copies of my books, and not only did I make my first sale 30 minutes into the convention, I am proud to say that I sold over 50 books this weekend! I completely sold out of “Reviews of the Dead” by Saturday afternoon, and all my copies of “The G.O.R.E. Score, Vol. 2” (not yet released to the public and sporting a convention-only alternate cover) was sold out very early on Sunday. I gave away tons of free bookmarks, and the site has already seen a significant uptcik in visitors this weekend.

The convention wasn’t all about sales, of course. I made a lot of great industry contacts, successfully pitched an anthology idea to Doc Pus at the Library of the Living Dead that I will be editing – more details on this project coming soon! – and got to meet some true horror greats, including Jeffery Combs, Ken Foree, and Norman Reedus. After I chatted him up and told him about my work, Jeffery Combs called me a “horror aficionado” and said that I was doing “amazing work” – hello, Vol. 3 cover quote! 🙂 Still blowing my mind is the fact that Norman Reedus, star of “The Boondock Saints” film and “The Walking Dead” TV show, CAME BY MY TABLE and said hello – it made an amazing weekend even that more incredible.

I am absolutely exhausted, so I’ve got a few website updates to do and then it’s off to bed, but there will be more ecsiting updates coming soon, so stay tuned for more info coming your way very soon. I’ll leave you with pictures of me and my amazing connections this weekend! (Click them to see the much larger versions.) Until next time, friends…!

Jeffery Combs and I
Ken Foree and I
Norman Reedus and I

“May-Berry” is coming, plus lots more!

Hello friends! I hae a few big piese of news to share with you, so let’s get right to it.

Jonathan MaberryFirst and foremost: the month of May on will be devoted to New York Times best-selling author and recent Dead Letter “Lifetime Achievement Award” recipient Jonathan Maberry! During “May-berry,” The G.O.R.E. Score will be exclusively reviewing some of Maberry’s best-known works, including Zombie CSU: The Forensics of the Living Dead, Patient Zero, Rot & Ruin (the 2010 Dead Letter Award winner for Best Fiction Novel), and others.

In addition to these exciting reviews, The G.O.R.E. Score is proud to welcome Maberry as the site’s first-ever guest reviewer! Maberry will be reviewing a piece of zombie media of his choosing, following the traditional G.O.R.E. review format established by Score creator Tony Schaab. I am both honored and humbled by Jonathan’s acceptance of this exciting collaboration – May can’t come soon enough!

Speaking of that month: going on right now through the end of May is the Great G.O.R.E. Giveaway, where the site is offering readers multiple chances to win tons of different zombie prizes (books, movies, comics, and more), including the grand prize of a brand-new Nook eReader! Details of the competition can be found online at so please take a moment to stop by and find out how you can enter multiple times to increase your odds of winning!

Last but certainly not least: any readers who may be attending the huge HorrorHound convention in Indianapolis next weekend (March 25-27) can stop by The G.O.R.E. Score table to say hello! I’ll be selling acopies of all my books, including the not-yet-released “The G.O.R.E. Score, Vol. 2” with an EXCLUSIVE limited-edition variant cover, an homage to the classic “Evil Dead” poster. There will only be 25 copies of this limited-edition version available, and this is the ONLY place to buy Vol. 2 right now.

More big news coming down the pipeline in the next few weeks, including a brand-new review project that will be of special interest to authors and reviewers looking to expand their portfolio! Until next time…!


Update A-Go-Go!

Hi faithful blog readers!  Just a few quick updates for you, as it’s been the end of an exciting week in the realm of my writings and I.

First, I’m happy to announce that the re-release of “The G.O.R.E. Score, Vol. 1” is officially complete!  I have redesigned and updated the interior with images and minor corrections, and the book has a brand-new and drastically different cover, thanks to the insanely-talented Tom Schriner and his tireless efforts.  The new version should be available on very soon, and I’ll be sure to post a link here when it’s officially “live” on their site.

Second, “The G.O.R.E. Score, Vol. 2” is nearing completion!  Only a few reviews left to write until all of the content is complete, and the formatting of the interior of the book is coming along swimmingly.  I didn’t think it was possible, but based on what Tom has shown me, the cover for Vol. 2 is even more bitchin’ than what we did for Vol. 1!  We are still working to finalize a few things before officially releasing the image, so stay tuned!  Vol. 2 should be available for sale by the end of March.

Third, my other book, “Reviews of the Dead: 25 Zombie Movies to Die for,” is hitting shelves within the next 24-48 hours, whoo-hoo!  I will be sure to post a link here as soon as it becomes available on Amazon.  I can’t wait, this was an exciting project and it’s finally about to see the light of day!

Avid blog followers may remember my New Year’s Resolution I made: to have 4 books published this year, 2 fiction and 2 non-fiction.  Well, we are two months into the year, and the two non-fiction books are good to go, with a re-release of a previous one for good measure.  Now, on to the fiction stuff!  Stay tuned, faithful readers! 🙂