TSCOM - new sidebarThanks for stopping by my little slice of cyber-heaven! I’m Tony, a freelance author and event host.  I’ve had my writing featured on sites like The Huffington Post, Collider, Wired, and more.  As an Event Host/DJ, I’ve worked with MTV, the NFL, Wizard World Comic Con, IndyCar, the NBA, Rolls Royce, and many others.

I created this website to let people learn more about me and to showcase my writing and other fine arts credentials.  Here are some of the things you can find here on my website:

My Published Writings: Learn more about all my written works that have been fortunate enough to see professional published printings. To date, I have had three novels, two novellas, and many short stories and articles published.  My works have been nominated for multiple awards, including the SFWA Nebula Award, and I am the proud winner of awards for the Best Zombie Website (for TheGOREScore.com), Best Non-Fiction Book (for “The G.O.R.E. Score, Vol. 1”), and the prestigious Fresh Meat Award, given annually to honor the best newcome to the zombie/horror genre.  I am currently at work on my next writing projects:

  • the official adatation of the “classic” 1959 Ed Wood film Plan 9 from Outer Space
  • “Confessions of a Wedding DJ,” a humorous look back at my 16 years of DJing experience that also functions as a resource guide for both newly-engaged couples and wedding professionals
  • the third installment of my award-winning “The G.O.R.E. Score” book series (non-fiction/reference).

My personal blog, Opine Mine: Get a glimpse into my everyday life as I jot down random thoughts, ideas and opinions. I also share lots of stuff about what’s going on with my ever-growing family, my writing career, and my musings on life, the Universe, and everything!

My award-winning zombie review site, The G.O.R.E. Score: I watch zombie movies, read zombie books, write zombie stories, and play zombie video games fairly regularly, so I initially created this site as a blog just to have somewhere to express my thoughts on all the fun undead stuff I come into contact with daily. The site has picked up a good-sized following, enough that I have just released the first 100-plus reviews as two separate published books. What sets my reviews apart from your average critic’s review is the system I use to rate the reviewed item on four distinct levels: General entertainment, Original content, Realism, and Effects/Editing. This G.O.R.E. Score system allows readers who are seeking to find/avoid particular details of zombie-centric stuff to easily identify the specific area they want to know about.

Learn more about me in general: a quick overview of who I am, what I hope to achieve, and how you can get a hold of me.

Take your time looking around, and don’t hesitate to write me at Tony@TonySchaab.com if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for stopping by!