Whoa-ooh-oh, sweet child of mine.

I figured I’d make a quick entry here during the Super Bowl, since odds are good many of you reading this are watching as well. As I type this, it’s midway through the third quarter and the Packers are leading by 4.

Honestly, it’s felt like a pretty boring game so far. Yes, the Steelers have come roaring back from an 18-point defecit, but it’s just felt kinda ho-hum so far. This feeling could be partially attributed to two other factors in addition to the game: an extremely lackluster halftime show, and really unimpressive and unimaginative commercials.

The Black Eyed Peas halftime show was pretty much a joke. From the moment Will.I.Am opened his mouth and we found out that his live performance was still vocorded, my eyes rolled and never stopped. The guest appearance by Usher was wholly unimpressive, and the only thing that saved Slash’s cameo was the GnR song itself – could Fergie have sounded any more like a constipated old man while singing “Sweet Child of Mine?”

The commercials are a yawn-fest. Boring, unfunny, and unmemorable. Even now, while the actual game is still on, none of them are sticking out in my mind. The most featured celebrity so far has been Eminem, who has been in two different commercials for two different companies. Eminem, really? Love the guy, but what is this, 2002? (And yes, before you yell at me, I know he just won a Grammy last year, but just let a guy make a joke, a’ight?)

Maybe I’m just having a bad night, no real reason, but it’s all been pretty lukewarm so far. But I can be happy about one thing – the Panthers logo made an appearance on the broadcast tonight! Granted it was for a commercial for the NFL draft, because they were so bad this year that they are already on the clock, but hey – I’ll take it where i can get it. 🙂


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