Baby, you’re all that I need.

Ahoy, peeps!  Checking in on a Sunday evening – again – after the madness of another busy-but-fun weekend.  I took Amelia for her first trip to the world-renowned (seriously!) Indianapolis Children’s Museum, and it was awesome!  Not only did she have a great time (and gets free admission until she turns 2, whoo-hoo!), I had a great time too – we picked a serendipitous time to go, as this was the final week for their big Hollywood Costume and Prop exhibit.  That exhibit was freakin’ awesome – lots of geek-tacular costumes and props, including much from Star Trek and Star Wars, and I even got Amelia to sit happily in her stroller and take a cute picture in front of the display case with the star-worn costumes from the original “Wonder Woman” TV series and Supergirl’s outfit from “Superman II.”

Amelia had a great time as well.  She absolutely ate up the Dora the Explorer and Barbie exhibits – she even got to be in one of the Barbie fashion shows and “strut her stuff” on the runway, with Daddy’s help, of course.  She was a bit more pensive in the Egyptian and Dinosaur exhibits, but she took it all in without a single moment of crying or crabbiness in over four hours, which is awesome.  We capped the day off with a carousel ride, and she looked like such a big girl sitting on the horsey and holding on to the pole with both hands while looking around and smiling at the other riders…I have to admit, I got a little “lovey” on her. 🙂  I know she is only 14 months old, but it all truly has gone so fast…she amazes me every day with how much more of a “real person” she is becoming.  The sense of wonder you can see in her bright blue eyes as she looks at things with that sense of young-child curiosity and innocence…it is truly a miracle and a singular joy in my life every time I get to see it.

Okay, that’s all I have for now, I think – just a quick check-in before I get back to posting new reviews for my not one but TWO review sites – as of tomorrow (Monday) morning, goes LIVE!  It’s an exciting time, for sure, so be sure to swing by and check out both sites, won’t you?

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