It’s been 22 seasons, and I still can’t get enough of the crazy reality show of “Survivor.” Now, I’m not a total reality show fanatic – I do watch “The Amazing Race” and enjoyed some of the goofier concept shows that aren’t around anymore (I miss you and will always love you, “Blind Date!”). But there is just something about the insanely interesting dynamic that goes on inside the game of “Survivor” that is, for me, irresistible.

For those unfamiliar, “Survivor” is a social-experiment, strategy-based competition game that takes place within the confines of a reality show, shot over the course of 39 days. Player start in two tribes, usually set in an exotic or tropical location, and have to compete against the other tribe in challenges, with the losing group going to Tribal Council and being forced to vote one member out of the game. Eventually, the two tribes merge and the challenges change from one tribe having “immunity” to individuals winning and having that immunity, which protected them from being voted out at the next Tribal Council. Eventually, the game gets down to the final two or three players, who then go before a jury of the most-recently voted-out players, who then cast their vote for who they feel is the most deserving remaining player. That player wins the game, and oh yeah – the $1 million prize that comes with it.

If it sounds like a show that may not exactly be for you, I encourage you to watch a few episodes when the show returns this Fall and see what you think. The social dynamic of the game is very intriguing, and an oddly-enthralling counterpart to the “reality show” vibe given off by the challenges and the monetary prizes. I’ve seen every episode of each of the 22 seasons, and you’d better believe I’ll be right there for the excitement this Fall of season #23!


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