Comic Archive: ‘Iron Man 2020’ (1994)

Ah, the far-off future.  Long a bastion of writers to posit about what technological advances and unknown wonders might exist in a time we will never live to see, several stories of this type exist across cinema, television, and the written forms.  Usually, these stories are set hundreds or even thousands of years in the future, probably to ensure that the audience in their original form of when the story is new will never be able to know if the “predictions” being made will ever come true or not.

‘Iron Man 2020,’ then, is somewhat of a curiosity.  Created by Marvel Comics, the character was clearly designed to live in the future – but having been first introduced in 1984, the character’s “future” was only 36 years after his debut, meaning many young people who first read about the character when he was “new” (myself included) would only be in their 40s or 50s when the titular future date of his existence rolled around.  Seeing as how that date is now next year, I guess the future is now, huh?  As background character Terry from ‘Futurama’ would say dramatically, “Welcome… to the World of Tomorrow!”

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