TV Review: ‘Doom Patrol’

Well, look what we have here this week: it’s the Doom Patrol!  No, not the dysfunctional super-powered folks that we’ve been following since Week One, but the original Doom Patrol that The Chief put together back in the day.  Hence the super-meta and super-confusing title of this week’s episode.

WARNING: Spoilers for this episode of ‘Doom Patrol’ lie ahead, obviously.  If you haven’t seen the episode and don’t wish for any of its content to be spoiled for you, the time to turn back is NOW!

RECAP: After receiving a psychic suggestion from Mr. Nobody at the conclusion of the last episode, Crazy Jane wants to know, “Who the f— are the Doom Patrol?!”  After breaking into the Chief’s lab and reviewing some of his old videos of early “sessions” with her alter-egos, Jane discovers that the Doom Patrol is a superhero group that the Chief created before he gathered her, Larry, Rita, and Cliff together.  In fact, Rita (being the longest-standing resident of Doom Manor) knows the team – at least, she knows of it’s de facto leader, Mento aka Steve Dayton, who helped her learn to control her powers back in the late 1950s.

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