Some, minus that, plus none.

It’s happened.

It’s finally happened.

The day we have all been waiting for, with breathless anticipation, has at long last arrived. And by “we,” of course, I mean “me.”

The book my short story is in has finally been published and is available for widespread consumption! Whoo-hoo!

“End of Days 2: An Apocalyptic Anthology,” was released to the world this past weekend. My short story, “The Nuances of Disassembly,” is contained in the 240-some-page collection of tales. I have not yet had the pleasure of seeing or reading the book, as my copy from the publisher is apparently still en route to me.

Click here to see (and buy! Buy! BUY!) the book on Amazon. I cannot vouch for which of your local bookstores may be carrying this book on it’s shelves, but really, isn’t buying stuff from the interweb easier anyhow?

I have a special treat for you, my faithful blog reader. Below, you can read the opening paragraphs of my story, to get a taste for what you might find in the book. A few disclaimers: not having seen the book yet, I cannot say what the tone of the other stories contained in the book might be, although judging from the title, odds are good they will be centered around the continued non-existence of the world; also, what you are about to read below is from “my” version of the story, and I cannot speak to what (if any) edits the editor of the book may have made for the “finished” product.

That all having been said…enjoy the opening paragraphs of “The Nuances of Disassembly,” my first-ever writing to see wide-release physical print!

This is a story about the end of your world.

Actually, that’s not quite accurate, as it wasn’t the actual planet that ceased to exist, so much as it was the humans on the planet that did.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start over.

This is a story about the end of life as you know it.

See, that still doesn’t sound quite right. That statement only says “after this story, you will have to think about your life differently,” when in reality, you won’t have to think about your life at all, as it won’t exist. That statement is not effective enough to convey the appropriate sense of dread, to convey the fact that, after the events in this story, there are no more humans left alive. None. Zero. Zilch. Some, minus that, plus none. Okay, let me try it again.

This is a story about the end of humankind.

That’s better, I suppose, although it still leaves open the option of other living things surviving. Which is possible, I guess, as we haven’t gotten to the last lines of the story yet and, who knows, I could surprise you. But that statement does definitively tell you that humans won’t survive, and that is essentially the main point that I am trying to convey.

Wow, telling you that you’re all going to die is hard! Okay, now that all of that nonsense is out of the way, I am going to tell you the story.

The story begins on a normal day on Earth. Depending whereabouts on the planet you are, the sun is either shining, hid behind clouds, or not out at all. Let’s start with California, as so many stories do. Its 2:02am in California, and most of the United States is asleep, resting up for a big day ahead which is sure to be full of various activities that will remind everyone of the fact that the USA is still a cocky, supreme world power which thinks it can handle anything anyone throws at it. And today, of course, they are totally and utterly wrong.

End of Days 2: An Apocalyptic Anthology


  1. I couldn’t be happier for you, man. And more importantly, I’m willing to extend your reign as my hero for an unprecedented second day in a row.

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